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In ancient times, when nature was perceived as alive,with intelligence and soul, a natural process took place. People bonded with the natural world in much the same way modern people of today bond with their pets or family members.

This bonding process has decreased in recent history……viewing the world as mechanical and less alive . This attitude has engendered a certain kind of belief toward nature. Edward Wilson calls it bio-philia– a genetically encoded or innate emotional affinity toward all other life-forms on Earth.

The more that children are taught that the Earth is dead , intrinsically other life-forms posses less value, and the more they are separated from regular contact with nature andwisdom , the less biophilia occurs- and so this lessens the genetic encoding for caring and bonding with life on Earth.


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Life is short………….

Break the rules,
Forgive quickly,
Kiss slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile.


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Calling all RN’s within the United States! This continuing education program is designed just for you. Travel to the coast of Mexico and attend this accredited program. You will not only receive 32 contact hours but enjoy the beautiful town of Yelapa, Mexico, just outside of Puerto Vallarta. Its a mini vacation that is structured to relax, heal and inform the participant.
Check out my website at www.concentricrings.org

Mexican Herbalism
An Introductory Workshop

Join us for 9 beautiful days in Yelapa, Mexico. Experience a renewed, healthier you!
Our workshops are designed to expand your knowledge of the local healing methods known throughout Central America, as Curanderismo. As you begin to experience the stress free jungle setting of Yelapa, a sensation will start to flow over your being as you realize this might be the first time ,in a long time, that you’ve really relaxed.
My vision for Concentric Rings began with an idea to share a model of alternative healing with the people I meet. It is a healing knowledge that honors the human body and the health of the planet we all share.
Concentric Rings is designed to send this healing knowledge radiating outward , creating a ripple or concentric ring of information through education. I hope the experience will inspire people enough to ponder this question….
“ Why is it important for you to become more responsible for your own health care?”
Our healers and locations are carefully selected to offer you, the participant ,a rich experience of the local healing traditions and customs.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing,
Provider # 14811 for RN’s 32 Contact Hours


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Healing Ginger Tea

2 cups fresh water
4 tablespoons freshly grated ginger root / Zingiberis officinale

Put ginger and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil
Turn off the heat and let tea steep for 2 hours, allow to cool
Then strain out solid parts

NOTEfor a healthy living tonic add equal liquid parts of Kombucha mushroom
maseration to the cold brewed tea

If you prefer a hot tea blend then drink without Kombucha
Add pure maple syrup to taste

This bled is very beneficial for learn more
upset stomach, nausea and vomiting
This tea is warming to the center the stomach, aids digestion and assimilation, relieves cold spasms and cramps


learn more

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Go back ten thousand years and you will find humans toiling away at the many mundane activities required for survival: hunting, food gathering, making weapons and garments, beginning to experiment with agriculture.

But if you land on the right moonlit night or seasonal turning point,such as the Equinox or Solstice, you might also find them engaged in dance,ceremony or sacred circles……wearing masks or what appear to be costumes, often waving branches or sticks. Most likely, both sexes would be dancing, each in its separate line or circle. Their faces and bodies might be painted with red ochre.

The scene, in other words, might not be too different from the “native” rituals encountered by nineteenth-century Westerners among indigenous peoples of the world.



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I know this may sound like shopworn metaphysics to some readers, but it is true to my experience. The pronoun of the ayahuasca journey is not me but we.

We are all wounded, we are all healed; we are all lost, we are all found; we are all damned, we are all saved, we are all separate, we are all one. Ayahuasca helps us as individuals to heal, by gathering together the various aspects of ourselves; we see how one person’s healing contributes to the healing of us all.

We see how each self is really part of a larger Self. Said another way we are all one.


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Firelight is the best light to write by, make love by and to tell stories by.

The first story ever told should be told by firelight.

Let your mind go back and remember ……………………………………….

It began when the Sun shed a tear.
Time was young then, when the Sun shed a tear that fell upon the Earth.

The Earth courted the Sun, orbiting the object of her love, turning to show off her every aspect, spinning round, like a young girl pirouetting, seducing the Great Star with her blue-green beauty, while her sister the Moon circled in attendance as the chaperon.

Now the truth is that the Sun had always favored the Earth, but there was a time when the Great Star’s attentions had been taken by the Moon for her own. But the light of the Sun always shone upon the Earth, for it was the true object of his passion.

The old maid Moon resigned herself to their love, and although she was devoted to the Earth and would attend her faithfully, she found that she could not look steadily upon the lovers, and took to hiding her sadness in shadow once a month.

So it was at such a time, when the face of the Moon was hidden behind a shadow shroud, that the Sun and the Earth, free from the attentions of their pale matron, consummated their love.

Of course the Earth was pregnant for quite some time. The seas became swollen with child, for life grew in the Earth’s ocean womb. Sister Moon, faithful matron, became midwife, for everybody knows that the seas respond to her gentle pull.

Then one day, the Sun smiled, the Moon beamed and the Earth trembled when life was born from her ocean womb.

The Sun shed a tear of joy that landed on the Earth. It fell in the land of the stone people, this tear of fire. The stone people were the first to tell this story.

Before the plants and animals there were the stone people, and as all life emerged from the Earth’s ocean womb, the stone people gathered around the tear of fire that the Sun had shed, and they wondered what to do.

They formed a circle around the tear of fire and watched it burn like a fallen star. As long as the circle was unbroken, the fire stayed within and burned, there was warmth and light even when the Sun was shinning on another part of the Earth.

The Moon would show her full face many times and the Earth would dance around and around the Sun while the stone people sat in council and deliberated what to do about the tear of fire. The debate was long because every word the stone people spoke took one full year to pronounce.

Remember that time was not measured as it is today and all the while the stone people debated the fate of the tear of fire, life was growing on the shores of the Earth.
There were stories of a great cavern in the center of the Earth, the place of the stone people’s origin. Finally the stone people agreed that this cavern would be the appropriate place for the shimmering tear, but the problem was how to take it there..

Finally the stone people could not contain the great tear the object of their wonder. The ground trembled with their agitation, and the tear of fire spread to the four directions. It filled the cracks in the rocks and fell into deep ravines, it traveled along the rivers finding its way down and into the underground streams and eventually all the way to the center of the Earth, where it will burn forever.

That is how fire came to the Earth. It was a gift, a proud father’s tear of joy, to his children.

The Sun and the Earth would go on making life, for they are very passionate. And the children of the Sun and the Earth would love their mother and father and live in the paradise that their parents had made for them.

On the ground and in the cracks of the rocks along the rivers where the great tear had traveled and cooled the children of the Sun and Earth would find something soft that shone like the Sun and this was called gold.
The gold was a remembrance of the Sun’s ancient love for the Earth. The children of the Sun gathered the god from the ground and used it to cover their places of worship and to fashion their sacred ornament to show their love and respect for the Sun and the Earth that gave them life..

The retelling of this story has been encouraged and supported by Alberto Villoldo. I have redesigned phrases to comply with his wishes that were to add my input to this creation myth as it is told a new by each storyteller’s addition.


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