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What Causes the Toxic Build-up?

We put our colons under a great deal of stress with our modern lifestyle. Years of fast food, cigarettes, prescription drugs and alcohol keep the colon busy. Add to that indigestion, constipation, work-related stress, illnesses and sedentary lifestyles, and you have a recipe for an unhealthy colon.

Don’t underestimate how important a healthy colon is to your body – Colon cancer is second only to lung cancer among cancer deaths in the US. Waste and toxins can build up in your system, and even if you don’t feel constipated your colon may need your help!

Colon Cleansing uses herbs and natural supplements to help your body mend its internal organs and restore you to health. The crucial part of a colon cleanse is the addition of Psyllium to your diet.

Juice fasting is a great way to restore your system to health, cleanse the colon and lose weight at the same time. Often your body tells you it is hungry when you really just need to drink some water, so drink one of these juices every time you feel hungry. This way you’re staying healthy and not engaging in unnecessary binge eating.

Here are a few recipes to get you started.

Stomach Cleanser

1 bunch Grapes
1 basket Strawberries
3 Apples
4 sprigs Fresh Mint

Healing Juice

3-4 Carrots
125g Fresh Spinach
Handful of Flat Leaf Parsley
2-3 Sticks of Celery

Vegetable Super Juice

1 whole cucumber
4 sticks of celery
2-4 handfuls of spinach
8 lettuce leaves
Optional boosters: parsley and fresh alfalfa sprouts


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I just returned home from the Amazon jungle’s of Peru. I went there with Michael Sonn to stay with the Shipibo Indians in their village. Michael brings interested people to this remote location for the purpose of doing personal visionary work with the plant medicine called “Ayahuasca”. His company Amazon Medicinals provided a safe and memorable experience for the group.

Michael is considered a Shaman or Onaya by the Shipibo people and has spent over a decade learning this ancient body of healing knowledge. Michael’s maestro or teachers led our ceremonies during our visit, however, Michael was asked several times by his teachers to offer his knowledge and healing ikaros ( healing plant songs ) to our group during the night.

Ayahuasca cleans out the system of all toxins, and while it may seem unpleasant to vomit, it is an accepted part of the ceremony and healing. The beginning of a ceremony is often an unsettling time, as people purge themselves physically, and transition from one dimension to another along their spiritual pathways.

After several ceremonies a noticeable shift occurred within the group. Our faces softened as well as our attitudes. Our hearts opened and the essence of the Divine began to work it’s magic within each person. After a ceremony the healing can begin as a subtle experience, gentle and long lasting, deeply profound and insightful for each individual. I returned home very grateful more balanced and ready to embrace the next phase of my life with the happiness and joy that has been woven into my heart, mind, body and spirit by this sacred plant teacher.

Thank you Michael for doing this sacred work.
Amazon Medicinals

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Food not only helps us grow and nourish physically but also has a deep impact on our minds,thoughts, emotions and actions. Also try fasting once a week with only hot water, digestive herbal teas and some fresh fruit, along with breathing exercises and yoga.

As the holidays approach , why not offer this pate’ to your guests as a healthy alternative.


Blend in a food processor until smooth

1/4 cup cashews (soaked 1-2 hours)
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds (soaked 2 hours)
1 small clove garlic
2 medium tomatoes
1/2 small cucumber
1 cup fresh cilantro
1/2 medium peeled apple
2 T. Lemon juice
1 1/2 T. Celtic sea salt to taste

Add to blended mixture

2 medium diced tomatoes
Chopped parsley to garnish

Chill in refrigerator until firm

Makes about 1 cup of pate’

Serve with rice crackers or wrapped in lightly steamed cabbage leaves or nori seaweed sheets ( don’t steam theses )

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He who lives the inner life knows that death is truly his resting-room. To him, death is anything but extinction. It is a meaningful departure. When our consciousness is divinely transformed, the necessity of death will not arise at all. To transform life, we need Peace, Light, Bliss and Power. We cry for these divine qualities. They cry for our aspiration. They are equally anxious to grant us everlasting life. But until our body, vital, mind, heart and soul aspire together, the divine Power, Light, Bliss and Peace cannot possess us.

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“Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love,
and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire.”
Teilhard de Chardin

There are times when we share with others a special, fully interconnected consciousness. When great music thrills us, or we are mutually inspired by an awesome sunset, or when we fall in love, we are transported temporarily into a shared world which is remarkable. This state of true intermingling is rare, for most of us, but it is experiential, and that means we know it for what it is; we feel it immediately as real and filled with meaning. When such an experience is past and we return to our normal, separated perceptions, the experience becomes a vulnerable memory, and our educated personality may reject the consciousness that knew this deeper connection.

Yet, the suspicion remains that there is something of mind that is not just inside our heads. We feel interconnected with each other and the world in a profound and important way. We know at some level that we are not isolated, but interdependent, so that a subtle energy of mine can reach out and mingle with yours, allowing us to share a moment that is important to both of us. If we think of this potential extending beyond the two of us to a world full of living beings, we have the foundation for a model for global consciousness. Maybe, as Teilhard de Chardin believed, the world ultimately needs that shared consciousness and is actively growing toward it.The research described here points to subtle indications that we do live in an interconnected, potentially conscious world, in which we surely play an important role. We have shown immense capacities for both destructive and creative impact, and this implies that the future is ours to mold. It will be a desirable future in proportion to our level of consciousness, individually and globally.

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Join Bethany and Amy’s discussion “Ways to preserve cultural healing and ancient bodies of traditional knowledge” the show airs this Tuesday on Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel. . Bethany will include the efforts of Concentric Rings, an eco-travel company offering transformative, educational trips blended with indigenous healing practices, and Amy will discuss the documentaries through Healing Seekers, a company devoted to bringing focused awareness to the healing practices of cultures, especially tribal cultures, throughout the world. The significance of preserving this knowledge, and its vital impact it will have on our lives and for future generations, is the core of Bethany and Amy’s vision for Global Healing.

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Global Healing will feature Penny Livingston Stark an internationally recognized permaculture teacher, designer and speaker. Tune in Tuesday at 7am pacific time to listen to Global Healing on Voice America’s Health and Wellness channel. Voice America

Wikipedia says:

The word permaculture, coined by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren during the 1970s, is a portmanteau of permanent agriculture as well as permanent culture. Through a series of publications, Mollison, Holmgren and their associates documented an approach to designing human settlements, in particular the development of perennial agricultural systems that mimic the structure and interrelationship found in natural ecologies.

Permaculture design principles extend from the position that “The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children” (Mollison, 1990). The intent was that, by rapidly training individuals in a core set of design principles, those individuals could become designers of their own environments and able to build increasingly self-sufficient human settlements — ones that reduce society’s reliance on industrial systems of production and distribution that Mollison identified as fundamentally and systematically destroying the earth’s ecosystems.

While originating as an agro-ecological design theory, permaculture has developed a large international following of individuals who have received training through intensive two week long ‘permaculture design courses’. This ‘permaculture community’ continues to expand on the original teachings of Mollison and his associates, integrating a range of alternative cultural ideas, through a network of training, publications, permaculture gardens, and internet forums. In this way permaculture has become both a design system as well as a loosely defined philosophy or lifestyle ethic.

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